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Restaurant TAKO was renovated in 2015.
The modernized and casualized new space where an amazing country view can be seen, is loved by many people.
In addition to popular Japanese food, we serve original menu with our local products such as rice, Japanese potato, and vegetables.
It’s also a place where everyone can relax and communicate.
We are looking forward to seeing you here!

Business Hours: 10AM – 4PM


Kokutou Café Au Lait (HOT/COLD) ¥540
Café Au Lait (HOT/COLD) ¥490
Soda with Ice Cream ¥470
Coffee (HOT/COLD) ¥320
Coffee with Ice Cream ¥470
Tea (HOT/COLD) ¥320
Orange Juice ¥320
Combo Drink
*for those who purchased waffles
Amazake ¥320